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Who needs to know:
 WISD 2019 Graduates needing to pass one
or more sections in order to begin credit college classes.
 Current dual credit students who wish to take a course
in a subject that they have not tested in or have not
reached the cut score for participation.
 ALL new dual credit students or students intending to
take dual credit during the 2019-2020 school year.
What you need to know: **SEE STORY
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WISD will be transitioning to new phone numbers.
Central Office (830) 239-5600
Elementary Office (830) 239-5601
Secondary Office (830) 239-5602
Central Office Fax (830) 239-5603
Elementary Fax (830) 239-5603
Secondary Fax (830) 239-5605
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TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOL for Parents & Students

Welcome to Texas public school!
Sending your kindergartener to his or her first day of school? If your child is five or six years old and ready to begin public school, take the first steps of this exciting journey by finding your school and enrolling your child.

Cuando su hijo empieza por primera vez la escuela, es probable que a usted se le ocurran miles de preguntas. Comienzan aquí! Más información en Español será publicada en los próximos pocos meses.
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