Enhanced Health Strategy Letter

To Our Waelder I.S.D. Families,

We would like to thank everyone for your great cooperation as we have implemented new safety
measures during this Pandemic. It is clear that Waelder parents and students take the CoVID threat
seriously. Other districts have not been as fortunate - with poor compliance of parents and students.
What we now face is double jeopardy. This year’s flu season, combined with CoVID 19, poses one of the
greatest health risks in our nation’s history. What we know about flu season is based upon years of data.
That data shows that Flu infections rapidly increase around Thanksgiving, then after holiday gatherings
flu infections skyrocket up and beyond the Christmas Holidays with a tapering off by mid-January.
After serious thought and study, your Board of Trustees and School Administration have mapped out a
revised calendar designed to further strengthen our Health and Wellness strategy.
These are the main adjustments in the revised calendar :
 We have extended our Thanksgiving Holiday and our Christmas Holiday into one
continuous Winter Break. Semester One -for students- will end Friday, Nov. 20, 2020.
 Semester Two will begin Mon., Jan. 11, 2021 & School will end at 3:40 instead of 3:30.
 Semester Two will end May 28th & Graduation will be Saturday, May 29, 2021

Basketball games and limited practices will continue during the break. However, only Coaches and
players will be in the gym for both practices and games. Fan attendance will resume upon the
resumption of school.

As this break is longer than the traditional holiday break, your school board has authorized and your
school administration is arranging for each student to receive food vouchers for staple food items. More
details will be provided in the near future.

Families may elect to donate one or more of the vouchers back to the school for distribution for those
hardest hit by the current circumstances. An application will be available for families in need of
additional supplies.
For families who travel outside the United States, proof of the date of a student’s re-entrance will be
required (passport stamp or other re-entry official document). Students without proof of a re-entry date
will be admitted to school but will attend class in a quarantined room for 10 school days.
Any questions you may have regarding the revised calendar or food distribution should be directed to
Dr. Ron Lilie at (830) 239-5602 [Secondary] or Darren Kesselus at 830-239-5601 [Elementary].
With your health and safety in mind,
Your Waelder ISD Board of Trustees & School Administration