Human Resources » Instruction to School District Contractors Regarding Criminal History Background Searches

Instruction to School District Contractors Regarding Criminal History Background Searches

Senate Bill 9 directs school district contractors to obtain state and national criminal history background searches on their employees who will have direct contact with students and to receive those results through the DPS criminal history clearinghouse (Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas –FACT). In order for contractors to receive the information through FACT, they must first establish an account with the DPS for FACT clearinghouse access. The Company owner must sign a user agreement with the DPS. To obtain the user agreement and more information, please contact: Access and Dissemination Bureau Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Records Service P. O. Box 149322 Austin, Texas 78714-9322 Email: Phone: (512) 424-2365, Option 2 For fastest service, please email or call. State in the message that you are a school district contractor and need to have an account established for DPS FACT clearinghouse access. Please include: Company Name Company Address Company Phone Name of Company point of contact Phone of Company point of contact Company email to be used for notification of FACT records and messages The information in the DPS FACT Clearinghouse is confidential, and access must be restricted to the least number of persons needed to review the records. The account must include at least one designated supervisor to make necessary changes and to monitor the site’s security and the access to the criminal history data retrieved. Additional users must be limited to those who need to request, retrieve, or evaluate data regarding the individual applicants. PLEASE NOTE: After you sign the DPS User Agreement for FACT DPS will provide you with a revised FAST Fingerprint Pass that you will have to provide to your employees and applicants. Your employees and applicants will use that FAST Fingerprint Pass when scheduling their FAST fingerprinting.