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Substitute Pay Scale



All substitute teacher applicants must be fingerprinted to work for any Texas School District.  Each substitute is responsible for his/her own fingerprinting and any financial expense incurred. 


We will submit your personal information to the State Board of Educators (SBEC) to obtain an appointment for fingerprinting.  We will provide you with the information for you to make an appointment to get your prints done as soon as we receive the documentation from SBEC.


When you complete your fingerprinting, you must provide us with the receipt for proof of competition of fingerprinting.  This begins the background check process.


We cannot allow you to begin substituting until you are fingerprinted and a complete criminal history background check has been obtained, and all the necessary paperwork has been completed and entered into our system.  There is always a possibility that the process may not be accurate, so you may be required to repeat the process until the proper identification can be made.


Understandably, if your fingerprints or background investigation reveals a negative criminal history, we will no longer be able to consider your for working in a school district. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to phone the Central Office at 830-239-5600 or email


WISD is an Equal Opportunity Employer