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Secondary Principal's Message

Welcome to Waelder ISD! This school year holds a great deal of promise. Our students are excellent achievers, and our staff supports them in order to help them realize their full potential. At Waelder ISD, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for students to grow both in academics and in social skills, preparing them for life after they leave school. We provide vocational training and opportunities as well as academic learning, and we have added many electives such as AP Statistics, Forensic Science, Aquatic Science, Ancient Mediteranean History, Robotics, and Media classes. We also know that the process of true education involves holding students accountable for their own learning and behavior. In my years at Waelder ISD, I have seen many positive changes, and significant growth. We want our students to know that we value them, and that our school exists to promote their success. Let's work together to make this year a great one!

Dr. Ron Lilie
Secondary Principal
Waelder ISD