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Migrant Program

Waelder ISD

Migrant Program Information



The Migrant Program is a state operated federal program that offers supplementary services to students that traveled with a parent, guardian, spouse, or alone to obtain or seek temporary or seasonal fishing or agricultural related activities. 

Employment Surveys are administered to each student in the registration packet.  Each survey is reviewed by the Migrant recruiter and according to the answers on the survey, proceeds to get in touch with the family.  The family then fills out a COE (Certificate of Eligibility).  The COE is sent to the ESC (Education Service Center) Region 13 in Austin for qualifying approval. 

The Texas Migrant Education Program’s goal is to provide all migrant children with the opportunity to reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or complete a GED) in order to prepare them for responsible citizenship, further learning and productive employment. 

Waelder ISD is in the SSA (Shared Services Arrangement) with Region 13 Educational Service Center in Austin, Texas.  The Migrant program offers a variety of supplemental academic and support services through our school district and the ESC 13 to meet the educational and health needs of migrant children.  Some of the services consist of tutoring classes, basic clothing, school supplies, vision, hearing and dental screenings, assistance earning High School Credits through the University of Texas campus, CAMP Program (College Assistance Migrant Program).

The school district has a person identified as the Migrant Recruiter, who must receive identification and Recruitment training every year in order to qualify for recruiting migrant families in their district.  Mrs. Janie Melchor has been identified as the Migrant Recruiter.  Her office is located at the Administration building or you can call her at 830-239-5613.