Graduation Requirements » Endorsements


There are 5 endorsements that a school can elect to offer their students (see attachment):

1) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
2) Business & Industry
3) Public Service
4) Arts & Humanities
5) Multidisciplinary Studies

In addition to endorsements a student can ear 2 additional accolades:

1) Distinguished Level of achievement (see attachment)
  - Having a total of 4 credits in math, including Algebra II (Foundation only requires 3)
  - Having a total of 4 credits in Science (Foundation only requires 3)
  - Completing at least 1 endorsement

2) Performance Acknowledgement: (see attachment)
  - For Outstanding Performance
- in a dual credit course
- in bilingualism and biliteracy
- On an AP test or IB exam
- On the PSAT, the ACT-Plan, the SAT, or the ACT
  - Earning a nationally or internationally recognized or industry certification or license