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Caremark Prescription Drug Benefit:

·         Retail Refills: Remember to use your new Caremark Prescription Card. Temporary  ID card can be found at

·         Mail Refills: Existing mail refills will be transferred from your previous mail service pharmacy.

·         Medications that cannot be transferred: Controlled substances and compound medication cannot be transferred to Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy. If you have existing refills for these types of medications, ask your doctor or other prescriber for a new prescription and mail it to Caremark.

·         Existing overrides will be transferred from your previous mail service pharmacy.



Things you can do on the Caremark Website:


·         Home Page: Temporary ID Card  

·         See Plan Options: Plan copays

·         Check Availability and Cost: Check drug cost functionality

·         Save Me Money:   Mail Order Form

                               Paper claim Form

                               Preferred drug list

                               Formulary Excluded drugs

       List of drugs that require a Prior Authorization / Quantity Limit/Step     


·         Locate a pharmacy:  National and Retail- Plus Pharmacy



Mobile apps: Caremark participants can now manage their prescriptions using our new iPhone App. Try it now – it’s FREE.

  • Refill and renew mail service prescriptions from yourself and family members

·         ID unknown pills with the pill identifier

·         Check for potential drug interactions among medications

·         Check order status and view your prescription history

·         Check drug coverage and cost under your plan

·         Find local pharmacies in your plan's network